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Removing a tooth from the mouth is a tricky procedure. It is common for patients to feel anxious and worried about it. The good news is that dentistry has evolved significantly over the years, making tooth extraction a precise and safe procedure. 

At our dental practice, we carry out tooth extractions to remove damaged, decayed, and infected teeth from the mouth. If a person has an impacted wisdom tooth, we may recommend its extraction as it could lead to complications in the future.

What Are the Different Types of Extractions?

Simple Extraction - A simple extraction is carried out when there is easy access to the tooth. It can be easily pulled out using an instrument called an elevator or simply by hand. Simple extractions are usually performed on front teeth.

Surgical Extraction - A surgical extraction is performed when there is limited access to the tooth, making it difficult to remove it using an elevator or by hand. In this case, we will have to make a small incision in the gums to access the tooth.

What Are the Reasons for Tooth Extraction?

Decay - Teeth subjected to cavities are likely to undergo deterioration and lose structural stability. In some cases, decay may extend deep inside the tooth, which can be removed only by removing the entire tooth.

Impacted Teeth - An impacted tooth is one that has grown sideways instead of growing upwards. Such teeth may cause oral issues when they fail to erupt such as crowding of other teeth or improper formation of the jaws. When an impacted tooth fails to erupt, it can lead to infections.

Injuries while chewing or biting food: Injuries incurred when brushing, flossing, or biting may require the extraction of the particular tooth. 

Gum Diseases - Gum diseases are caused due to plaque and tartar deposits on the teeth. These deposits lead to cavities and the decay of tissues. They can also cause an infection that can affect the bone structure. We may recommend removing the infected tooth so it does not progress further and spread the infection to other parts of the mouth.

How Is an Extraction Procedure Carried Out?

Extractions are performed under local anesthesia. During this process, you will be fully awake but relaxed and comfortable. We will numb your gums with a local anesthetic before extracting your tooth after making a small incision. Once the tooth is removed, we will suture your gums so that no bleeding occurs after the procedure.

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